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About Jamie DiNicola

     Jamie DiNicola is an activist, writer, and award-winning filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. As a queer transgender man, Jamie has made storytelling the cornerstone of his queer & trans activist work. Jamie wrote, directed, and produced the short narrative film Spot, which was created with an entirely transgender cast playing non-transgender specific roles. Spot is an official selection of the 2017 Full Bloom Film Festival, Newark International Film Festival, Twist: Seattle Queer Film Festival, San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, OutReels Cincinnati Film Festival, GenderReel Film Festival, a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles Cinefest and the winner of “Best Screenplay in a Short Film” at Rahway International Film Festival. Spot was featured in Huffington Post Queer Voices

     Jamie also shot and directed the short documentary, We’re Making Wine, an official selection of the 2017 International Wine Film Festival and New York Short Film Tuesdays. Jamie directed and produced the film, What's in a Name, a short documentary film about his personal transition and its effects on both himself and his family. Jamie is an editor and crew member of the docuseries, I am the T. Jamie has just released the first two episodes of his new web-series, Queer & Down, which follows the lives of young queer folks navigating this not-so-queer world.

     Jamie was recently featured in Huffington Post’s “10 Trans Filmmakers You Should Know.”